A Business Is Born

I’m a self-professed get-it-done-never-settle type of gal who makes businesses run better.

From investment banking and multi-million dollar advertising campaigns to helping online entrepreneurs scale up, I live for diving into the backend of a business to design simple, effective strategies and systems while shoring up operations for a friction-free ride.

It’s pretty straightforward, but…

When you throw a baby into the mix? It’s not so simple.

Many women in business are grappling to find some sort of happy middle ground between being a stay at home mom and a thriving business owner.

Can we hustle less and enjoy more? Can we have a life that includes fulfilling and financially rewarding work, quality time with our family, and space to take care of ourselves?

Can we do all of this while running a business without feeling constantly stressed and perpetually behind?

The answer is YES

Once I began to see motherhood, not as an obstacle to my professional life, but as a mechanism and catalyst for growth, Nesting Your Business was officially born.

I was ready to help other women do what I was successfully doing; expertly running a business at a speed and capacity that worked for me while nurturing the family life that I’d always wanted.


You’ll still be doing a lot of what you’re already doing, but when you work with me, we’ll tweak, refine, implement, and improve.


  • Take stock of what’s working and what’s not (and clean house as needed)
  • Craft strategy that works for you
  • Create and implement smart systems to bolster operations
  • Adjust expectations and capitalize on this expansive time for work/life alignment

Not only do my clients get a savvy and seasoned business developer, but they also get a heaping dose of support (from a mom who gets it) to help them through hard times, stuck times, or times when it all feels like it’s too much to handle.

This is our time to grow.
As women, mothers, business owners, and humans.

It’s our time to flex our intellectual and creative prowess while feeling free to savor the sweetness of new life and all of its wonder.

If motherhood is an asset to entrepreneurship shouldn’t we leverage its power?

A thousand times, YES.

Want to find out how I can help you ready your
business for parenthood?