Did you start your business in order to have more time and flexibility with your future family?

Good for you.

Whether you’re a designer, copywriter, coach, blogger, in ecommerce or another field...the Internet has allowed moms to rewrite the rules on when, where, and how they work to create a lifestyle that works for them.

You’re a pregnant business owner - Congratulations! First, on your upcoming bundle of joy and Second, on entering this tribe of women changing how we work so we can be there for our kids.

You’re about to use that freedom for the first time to...
...design a maternity leave that is completely unique
to you, your business, and your new family.

You have the freedom to decide exactly what you want to do.

You decide how much leave you'll take and how much income you'll earn while you're recovering and getting to know your new baby.

There's a lot to consider. All this freedom is empowering. It can also be overwhelming.
Especially when you're pregnant and drained at the end of each day.

I know because I’ve been there.

My Story

I'm an entrepreneur because I'm building a family centric lifestyle alongside a fulfilling career and I'm committed to helping other families navigate this path for themselves.

Here's the short version of my journey that led me to you.

  • I spent 12 years in corporate finance and advertising building systems and teams for marketing, business development, and operations.
  • I left the corporate world a few years before we had kids because I knew I wanted to do things differently.
  • I started building my business offering COO-for-hire services: digital marketing projects and launches, virtual team management, and strategic business organization/efficiency.
  • When I got pregnant, I took a look at my business and knew there were things I needed to change. I made a long list of projects to complete to create the perfect maternity leave and restructure my services once I returned to work.
  • My long list of projects grew longer, but very little got done.
  • During pregnancy, I had too many days where I felt scattered, tired, and my motivation was so low that I just wished someone would give me a simple list of tasks to accomplish each day.
  • I realized just how much pregnancy affects how you work and how hard it is to take on a project - like designing your maternity leave - all by yourself.
  • I started Nesting Your Business to take the work I've always done - getting entrepreneurs organized and strategic about their business - and focus on soon-to-be moms ensuring you don't have to sacrifice time with your new baby or the momentum you've built with your business.

I know the struggle and I'm here to lend a strategic mind and motivated soul to ensure you get the maternity leave you deserve, Your Way.

Have you started to think about your maternity leave?

Let’s Connect.

How We Work Together

At the end of our time together your business will be a well-oiled machine. The machine you’ve probably been dreaming about since long before you got pregnant.


We’ll start with a Strategy Call. We’ll get to know each other and I’ll learn all about your business and your goals for your maternity leave. We’ll review options you’ve considered and those you may not have thought of. We’ll talk about any hang-ups you’ve had with getting work done during pregnancy. We’ll map out exactly what we will accomplish during our time together.

Strategy call includes

Strategy call includes:

  • Define goals for your maternity leave
  • Identify options for your business
  • Calculate your finances
  • Review areas for delegation and automation
  • Develop new product ideas
  • Discuss productivity and tools to work with the “pregnancy brain”


I’ll provide you with detailed project plans to accomplish the goals we identify during the strategy session. These plans give you a simple task list to follow on a customized timeline. The timeline ensures the work gets done before D-Day while making sure to build in enough time for your current client work and the Rest that your body needs.

Project plans may include

Project plans may include:

  • Build a digital product
  • Launch a course
  • Create editorial calendars
  • Develop marketing content
  • Hire and onboard a VA
  • Automate a sales funnel
  • And more.


We’re going to take all your important processes and document them using my developed templates. These SOPs (standard operating procedures) can be used by you when you’re tired and your brain in overloaded OR by any team members you hire making sure the end result is consistent each time.

Processes may include

Processes may include:

  • Writing, editing, and posting a blog post
  • FB group monitoring
  • Social media engagement
  • Client onboarding
  • Funnel design and launch
  • SEO optimization
  • And more.

Tech & Tools

We’ll evaluate your current workflows, software mix, and business plans to maximize automation and efficiency. We’ll make sure you are using the best tools for your business without overspending on tech. And we’ll get each tool set-up and integrated into your business so you won’t have that nagging to-do item on your list that never seems to get done.

Together we will

Together we will:

  • Review your current tools and tech set-up
  • Identify new tools to support your business
  • Streamline your software mix
  • Provide tech support and training for any migrations

Motivation & Support

Running an online business is often an isolating affair and I found it to be more so when I was pregnant. It’s hard to find the dedication for your business when you have such a big non-business event happening in your life. Our Motivation & Accountability calls will help you refocus back on your business NOW so you can completely unplug when the little one arrives.

These calls are used to

These calls are used to:

  • Review plan progress and work through any blocks
  • Guide strategic decisions
  • Answer questions & brainstorm/refine ideas
  • Provide recommended resources for any outsourced work
  • Demo tools and tech training
  • Commiserate on all the changes your baby is making to your mind and body
  • Share tips and tricks for working during this time

Documentation & Instruction

Have you lost your phone in the refrigerator yet? Not to worry, your body and brain are focused on A LOT right now. Our work together won’t be one more thing you need to worry about. All calls, decisions, and instructions will be documented so you won't forget a thing and you can refer back to the materials at any time or share them with your team.

Documentation includes

Documentation includes:

  • Recorded Zoom calls
  • Report summaries for all strategic decisions
  • Detailed project plans shared in your preferred format (Trello, Asana, or Google Drive)
  • Documented SOPs for all defined processes
  • Loom video tutorials detailing tech instructions

Your body will naturally give you the energy and drive to get your home in order before your baby arrives. This is biology and its honed into each of us. This biological drive ensures we are prepared to bring our baby home, free of distractions, and able to focus on their care.

Your business needs the same Nesting efforts that naturally happen in your home. They just may not happen naturally! That’s where I come in. Choose the Package that best fits your business and let’s free you from all of life’s distractions by designing the perfect maternity leave!


Strategy & Plan

  • 2-Hour Strategy & Planning Intensive
  • Customized Project Plan to accomplish goals
  • SOP templates
  • Tech recommendations
  • Strategy call recording

1:1 Consulting

  • 3 to 9 Month Engagements
  • 2-Hour Strategy & Planning Intensive
  • Customized Project Plans
  • Personalized Standard Procedures
  • Tech & Tool Report including recommended software mix, custom designed integration plan, and sales funnel designs
  • Monthly 1-Hour Motivation & Support Calls
  • 1-Hour Maternity Leave session
  • 1-Hour Return to Work session
  • Call recordings & Slack support

MomMind Accountability

  • Small Group Mastermind (Max 5 participants)
  • Bi-weekly calls (2x/mo.)
  • Slack support
  • Resources, Templates, & Recommendations
  • MomMind call recordings

Not sure what you need? Book a Free Consult and we’ll review your business, your maternity leave goals, and the best plan of action to get you there.

Organize Your Business!


Finally! Detail all those processes it takes to run your business. You've got other things to focus on these days!

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