Pregnancy + Maternity Leave + Baby & Beyond

Mixing Business With Baby Just Got Easier.

Enjoy the best of both worlds with a tailor-made plan to babyproof your business.

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Before I met Meghan, I was feeling overwhelmed with my business. My systems and organization were sorely lacking. I knew I needed to reel back my sanity to carry my business forward in a sustainable way. With Meghan’s guidance, I now have a roadmap for the next year that has made my business incredibly ordered and streamlined. Meghan’s experience in the corporate world means she understands the big picture in a way that positions her to help others manage their vision so they can run their own successful business. She goes above and beyond!
- Stephanie Baltz

When Business As Usual Becomes Totally Unusual...

When your business is your "only child", it’s easy to sink endless hours into growing your little darling up, but what happens when you’re ready to have a real baby, complete with an adorable, fuzzy head that smells like heaven?

Will you panic?

When pregnancy makes you feel exhausted, sick, or brain-frazzled, how will you get it all done? When you take your maternity leave, will the business run itself? When you’re ready to get back to work, how will you manage a baby and your business (when there are still only 24 hours in a day)?

Enough of the anxiety!

You Need A Plan, STAT.

You want to be a mom and a bonafide business owner without losing your mind?

Consider it done.

From planning and strategy to mapping out your execution and implementation, I’ll develop a framework to help you babyproof your business and ease it into the realities of parenthood.

When you work with me, we’ll optimize your operations and turn your business into a highly proficient and beautifully nimble collection of interrelated systems - all designed to free up your time and help you be a much happier mom.

I can help with ALL aspects of your operations...

  • Time Management
  • Productivity Hacks
  • Emotional Resilience
  • Business Growth
  • Streamlining Your Offers
  • Marketing & Messaging
  • Powerful Sales
  • Client Management
  • Contracts & Money
  • Hiring Help
  • Training Your Team
  • Mindset Shifts

Who I Am, What I Do...

Running a business is challenging, but finding a way to keep it all going when you’re expecting (and all you’re dreaming about is enjoying your upcoming maternity leave in peace) can feel impossible.

I know because I remember laying in bed, bulging baby bump and all, crying because I was completely overwhelmed by the thought of making it all work.

Despite feeling totally stuck, I managed to figure it out. I took my experience in business operations, project planning, and management and cobbled together a plan that gave me time with our son and a business to come back to.

In hindsight, there were so many things I would have done differently, but I had no roadmap to follow. Being the problem-solving, efficiency-obsessed person that I am, an idea began to form, and instead of returning to business as usual when my leave ended, I decided to pivot.

I niched my business into consulting and coaching for women who need help perfecting the imperfect art of being adept, happy, business-owning mothers.

That roadmap I so desperately needed? I made one and it’s life-altering.

If you’re struggling to understand what things will look like once your baby arrives, or if you're a work at home mom who feels totally overwhelmed, consider me your new best friend - I’ve figured it out and have the map to prove it.

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At Your Service.

Whether your business needs a massive overhaul or just a few minor tweaks, there’s something for everyone who’s ready to nest.

Maternity Leave Strategy Package


Start with a laser-focused support call to determine the best personalized maternity leave strategy for you and your business followed up with a customized plan to implement.

Think it’s impossible for your business to run without you? Think again! We’ll take time to talk about your goals for your business and your maternity leave, diving deep into where you’re at now vs. where you want to be when “delivery day” arrives.

This package includes:
  • Prior to our call, we’ll conduct an in-depth assessment of your business operations
  • A 45-minute recorded strategy session to talk about goals, leave options, and finding alignment for you and your business
  • A customized guide that outlines actionable tactics for implementation

The Nesting Your Business Program


For moms and moms-to-be, the Nesting Your Business Program spans 6 months and is designed to prepare you to transition from maternity leave back to running your business. Learn how your new role as mom can happily coexist with your evolving role as a business owner and find your stride with optimized strategies and tactics for both.

Wondering if it’s possible to run a thriving, successful operation- confidently, calmly, and consistently - while also being a present parent enjoying your new baby? It totally is!

In this program you’ll get:
  • 6 months of coaching
  • Help strategizing, planning, and directing your business operations
  • 10 digital trainings diving into mindset, behavioral science, and tactical business training
  • Exercises to gain clarity, hone strategy, and implement operational changes
  • Three power-packed 1:1 sessions including a 2-hour Strategy Intensive
  • Bi-weekly group coaching throughout the 6 months for Q&A and general support

Return to Work Strategy Package


Start with a laser-focused strategy call to review your goals for business and motherhood so I can identify the business shifts you can make to align followed up with a customized plan to implement.

Dreading your return to work, afraid to open your inbox, or feeling overwhelmed by the thought of trying to step back into a role that no longer fits you? Let’s babyproof your business so you can come back with confidence and dive in with a renewed sense of what matters most.

This package includes:
  • Prior to our call, we’ll conduct an in-depth assessment of your business operations
  • A 45-minute recorded strategy session to talk about goals, how to overcome any obstacles, and finding alignment for you and your business
  • A customized guide that outlines actionable tactics for implementation

The Asana System: Time Management for Moms


Managing your time is the secret to managing your life when you have a business and a baby. Use Asana to create a time management framework that accounts for your life’s ins, outs, ups, and downs and helps you plan your day, map your goals, and capture your inspiration at a pace that works for you.

Asana is a work management platform and a tool to help you stay focused on the goals, projects, and tasks that run and grow your business.

This package includes:
  • Master the basics of Asana - Blend your family life with your business life
  • Plan Your Day - Review sample schedules for pregnancy and beyond
  • Map Your Goals - Learn how to hold planning and review sessions for your biz
  • Catch Your Inspiration -Store ideas, create a resource library, share onboarding docs
  • Time Mgmt Tips - Learn how to run a fractured work day, where to find deep work hours, and a conversation on coming to terms with a slower work pace.

Private 1:1 Coaching Strategy


Elevate your experience with a more personalized approach and get coaching that’s tailored to your unique situation. Enjoy a higher level of support, extra helpings of motivation and accountability, and fully customized map to get you and your business where you want to be.

Just like every business is different, so too is the person running it. Your specific challenges and needs (in business and in pregnancy/motherhood) may be highly unique, and if that’s the case…

Private coaching gets you:
  • Individualized strategic, tactical, and emotional support
  • Highly tailored one-time, ongoing, or totally custom options to choose from
  • Face to face accountability and encouragement
  • Extra support for roadblocks, pivots, and bumps in the road

MADE Ready: Moms Aligning to Drive Entrepreneurship


Local to Colorado? Join our meetup! MADE Ready is a local meetup and quarterly retreat happening in Longmont, Colorado. We meet monthly to learn, grow, and thrive together as moms and entrepreneurs.

Looking for support, camaraderie, and community? You can sign up for individual meetups here or become a Member and get access to all the monthly meetups included!

Members get:
  • One year of monthly meetups featuring a speaker (normally $20)
  • Weekly co-working to get sh*t done!
  • A community of women, all moms building businesses just like you
  • Recommended book list
  • 25% off of retreats
  • And more (we're just getting started!)

Ready to create a customized maternity leave, prepare your business for motherhood, and savor the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’re totally taken care of?

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