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Before I met Meghan, I was feeling overwhelmed with my business. My systems and organization were sorely lacking. I knew I needed to reel back my sanity to carry my business forward in a sustainable way. With Meghan’s guidance, I now have a roadmap for the next year that has made my business incredibly ordered and streamlined. Meghan’s experience in the corporate world means she understands the big picture in a way that positions her to help others manage their vision so they can run their own successful business. She goes above and beyond!
- Stephanie Baltz

When Business As Usual Becomes Totally Unusual...

When your business is your "only child", it’s easy to sink endless hours into growing your little darling up, but what happens when you’re ready to have a real baby, complete with an adorable, fuzzy head that smells like heaven?

Will you panic?

When pregnancy makes you feel exhausted, sick, or brain-frazzled, how will you get it all done? When you take your maternity leave, will the business run itself? When you’re ready to get back to work, how will you manage a baby and your business (when there are still only 24 hours in a day)?

Enough of the anxiety!

You Need A Plan, STAT.

You want to be a mom and a bonafide business owner without losing your mind?

Consider it done.

From planning and strategy to mapping out your execution and implementation, I’ll develop a framework to help you babyproof your business and ease it into the realities of parenthood.

When you work with me, we'll optimize your operations and dig deep into your mindset to uncover your true desires for your business and new life as a parent ensuring your time and energy are freed up to be a happy, healthy, present business-owning mom.

Who I Am, What I Do...

Running a business is challenging, but finding a way to keep it all going when you’re expecting (and your body, mind, and spirit just won't stay focused on work) can feel impossible.

I know because I remember laying in bed, bulging baby bump and all, completely overwhelmed by the thought of making it all work.

And I have an extensive background in project management. My job was to take large scale, multi-million dollar projects with 100s of moving pieces, dozens of team members, and several unexpected curveballs from conception to delivery. I should have been the perfect person to design and implement a maternity leave plan.

But here is the catch and the reason I created this business. This project you're embarking on - planning for maternity leave - requires management of yourself, your pregnant self. There will be unexpected curveballs, new moods and emotions, and moving pieces in a constant state of flux. And even the most experienced project manager will stumble with this personal, highly important endeavor. I'm here to smooth the path for you.

Despite my own missteps, I pulled together a plan that gave me time with our son and a business to come back to.

In hindsight, there were so many things I would have done differently, but I had no roadmap to follow. Being the problem-solving, never-settle person that I am, an idea began to form, and instead of returning to business as usual when my leave ended, I directed my focus to a group I hold in the highest esteem, working parents.

I niched my business into consulting and coaching for women who need help perfecting the imperfect art of being adept, happy, business-owning mothers.

That roadmap I so desperately needed? I made one, fully personalized to each individual journey, and it's life-altering.

If you’re struggling to understand what things will look like once your baby arrives, or if you're a work at home mom who feels totally overwhelmed, I'm here for you - I've taken my background in project and people management and combined it with years of study in empowering women to set up a business that fits their life.

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