Better marketing may not be the answer to your business woes.

Business woes can mean many things - being overworked, underpaid, and experiencing the stress that comes from inconsistent income are just a few that come to mind.

The Internet would have you believe that your marketing is to blame and it’s where you need to focus all your attention. Slogans like, “You’re just one funnel away.”, lead you to believe that massive success is right around the corner with the right marketing.

But what if it’s not?

You know you’re close to the success, stability, and vision you have for your business. I know you are too. It’s so close you can taste it. But a laser-focus on your marketing may be taking you farther away from your goal.

Because the right marketing pushing the wrong product/service will never get you anywhere.

I’ve evaluated MANY businesses through the lens of making them work for the moms that were running them. Sometimes there was a marketing problem, but more often than not, there was an OFFER problem.

  • They were offering too many options.
  • They had no standard options and let their clients direct what they did.
  • They offered services they dreaded to deliver and sabotaged their outreach.
  • They re-invented the wheel every single time.
  • They couldn’t estimate how long client work would take.
  • They couldn’t forecast how much work they needed to make a profit, how much work they could handle, and when was the right time to hire more support.

It’s this lack of certainty, structure, and predictability that causes over 50% of small businesses to burn out by Year 5.

You don’t have to burn out. You are soooo close. You have all the pieces and it’s time to fit them into the puzzle. Take a break from marketing and dig deeper to the root of the problem. Your entire business becomes easier to run when you’ve figured out the exact, right offers that feature your strengths, are a joy to deliver, and are needed by your audience.

This straight-forward business adjustment has far-reaching effects on your entire business.