Many of us mom entrepreneurs escaped from a highly structured world. A world where you were required to be in a work environment from (at least) 9am - 5pm. A world where you were required to hand your kids over to a child care provider for (at least) those same hours. A world that felt too rigid with no room to breathe or operate the way you wanted to.

So you escaped.

You started your own business.

Many of the moms who come to me are resistant to adding structure into their business. It took them a while to escape their past work environments and they fear falling back into those routines that they hated in their old jobs.

The first thing we do is work on a reframe around structure.

Structure is not inherently bad.

Blanket structure with no real consideration of why it’s in place, who it will serve, and what it will produce is what many of us experienced in past jobs. We work 40 hours a week because…that’s how it’s done. You have to do your work in this office because…that’s how offices work. You have 5 meetings a day because…that’s just what you do. I understand the resistance.

The structure I’m talking about is Intentional Structure. Structure that has been highly considered, intentionally set, and only left in place if it continues to work.

Intentional Structure is true freedom.

You’ve probably swung the pendulum from a highly structured day and a steady paycheck to an unstructured day and a feast-or-famine pay cycle. It’s time to come rest in the middle.

The structure that’s right for your business will give you the true freedom you’re seeking.

Where can you add Intentional Structure to your operation?

  • Can you commit to only offering specific packages?
  • Can you set your work schedule to align better with the needs of your day?
  • Can you get clear about your numbers so you know exactly how many clients you need to serve, exactly how many leads you need to talk to, and exactly how many prospects you need to turn into leads?

With the right structure, you’re finally going to see the growth you’ve been craving and your business is going to feel a little saner. The middle is a pretty great place, isn’t it?!?