With Father’s Day this past weekend, I have been doing a bit of reflection upon all the Dads in my life. I was blessed to have a Dad who loved being a Dad and really loved spending time with us. He loved coaching basketball. He loved planning trips to show us all sorts of wonders in this world. And today, he loves watching us build our lives and playing with Bennet.


Zach is the same way, and I love watching him and Bennet play together on the floor completely enraptured in each other.

Here at Nesting Your Business, I know we spend a lot of time talking about the moms…

The businesses they are running, the kids they are raising, how they are balancing it all. Sometimes we forget that there are Dads doing the same thing every day! They are running businesses, they are raising kids, and they are balancing it all TOO.

We live in a time where every parent is allowed to play whatever role they are called to with their children. And we live in a digital economy where that calling isn’t restricted by the need to go to the office every day.

Today, both mom and dad want to have an active part in raising their kids while having a flexible and lucrative solution that allows them to be present with their family.


Slowly, we have reconstructed the ideas surrounding traditional family roles. Which is amazing! I’m thankful to live in such a progressive time. And whether it’s Mom or Dad (or both!), our children are benefiting so much from watching us build a business that puts their family first!

Here’s to you -  mompreneurs and dadpreneurs. Yup. I just went there.. we have Dadpreneurs and it’s time to give ‘em a name! If you’re one, I’m so proud of you and I hope you’re proud of yourself. You are building  your business with your kids in mind and striving for the best lifestyle for your family.

It can be a lonely road. There may not be too many role models out there since many of the big male names in the digital economy will wax on about their freedom, their bank accounts, their travels, and their flashy cars. But there are many men out there, business owners, that chose this life so they could enjoy their kids. Jon Loomer is one of those guys, and I recommend following him if you’re looking for a role model.

And if you need ideas about how to design or re-engineer your business to fit your family lifestyle, I would love to hear from you. Our goal is to support all entrepreneurial families and that includes male and female business owners.

Happy Father’s Day! 💙