Today we woke up to a glorious blue sky and sun streaming everywhere. I literally let out a “HALLELUJAH!”. Because, here in Colorado, we’ve seen nothing but gray skies, cold, rain, and snows for days upon days! School let out yesterday and it finally feels like summer is upon us.

How does your work change in the summer?

It tends to be a slower time for many. Client work lightens, the kids are home, and we’re called to spend more time outdoors.

I know many entrepreneurs that write off the summer months. They are always planning for big projects in the spring and fall. Today, I want to point out that summer shouldn’t be discounted.

When you look at the seasons of the year, summer is a time of HUGE growth! Hello, how many have started those vegetable gardens? Gotten a few new flowers in the ground?

If summer is a time a time for things to grow in the ground, it can also be a time for things to grow in your business. There’s a lot of wisdom in the natural world, and taking advantage of that wisdom can make your business growth that much easier.

So how can you commit to growing your business in the summer to take advantage of the natural order when, at the same time, it feels like the time of year to naturally think less about work?

It comes down to being really intentional about what you’re doing with just the right amount of structure.

Yes, we’re using the Goldilocks mentality.

With no plan, it’s hard to find focus and easy to let the days of summer slip by just maintaining your client work and doing nothing to grow your business.

Trying to get too much done is overwhelming, and easy to throw the whole plan out the window.

I recommend landing on ONE growth project for your business over these next 3 months of summer. This could be finalizing the packaging and delivery of your standardized services, launching a new marketing content channel, or finally getting your metrics tracking in place.

Whatever it is, PICK ONE THING. Take advantage of the growth energy of summer and complete that project with ease over the next 3 months without overburdening yourself.

I guarantee you’ll arrive at Labor Day rejuvenated, having enjoyed your summer, and proud of what you’ve accomplished in your business!

Do you have a project you’re thinking of working on this summer?