Yup, I said it. Do you ever dread making a sale? The Stripe payment comes in and you spend one moment psyched only to find that bit of dread in the pit of your stomach the next moment?

If this isn’t you, congratulations - you’ve actually discovered a service that you love to sell.

If it is you, you’re selling the wrong thing.

Why do we sell services we don’t like to do? Well, there’s plenty of reasons. You’ve sold it before you and know people want the service. (You’re in the business of making money, after all.) You’re good at it. (But that doesn’t mean it’s something you love to do.) Or perhaps, your mentor passed down a way of doing business and you simply kept doing it that way. (I promise, it’s not the only way.)

If you get that gnawing feeling in your stomach, give yourself the space re-assess your business. You don’t need to burn the whole thing down and start over, but there’s likely a few small tweaks to banish that dread. It could be a different solution that gets your clients the same result. A different way of taking your client through the journey of discovery, onboard, delivery, and offboard. Or perhaps, it’s figuring out that one part of the solution that you’d rather outsource.

There is a tweak for your business to get you amped and excited to sell your services. And with that excitement comes so much power. I recently learned a little bit about leaky gut and it’s amazing what a few small proteins, in the wrong place, can do to harm your body. That dread in your stomach is doing the same kind of harm to your business. Banish the dread and you’ll find you’re a lot more motivated to promote your offerings, messaging becomes clearer, and people will be more attracted to your business. (Yes, people can sense when you haven’t found the right fit that fills you up.)

I’d love to hear from you if this message strikes a chord. You’re too valuable to be doing something you dread (and your business won’t make it for the long haul).

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