This week we talk to the planners.

You know who you are…

You bought a three bedroom house when it was just you and your partner. You checked the maternity leave policy at work before you even had a partner. You made sure to get an insurance plan with great pre/post-pregnancy coverage. You’ve always known you wanted to have a baby and you’ve planned your life around that reality.

If you’re anything like me…one of the primary reasons you started your business was to give you the lifestyle and freedom to be the kind of parent you want to be. That’s what I did. I left my corporate job several years before we had kids because the ever-present planner in me thought it would be a good idea to get established before the kids showed up.

This was a good idea, in theory. The drawback?

You can only plan for what you know.

I’d been a nanny all throughout middle school, high school, and college so I thought I knew plenty about raising kids. I knew all about the feedings, the diapers, and the level of attention that was needed to care for babies. I had it covered. And I set up my business to prepare for this major transition. I made business decisions and planned for what I thought I knew was coming.

It turns out, I really didn’t know.

You see, when you’re a nanny, your job is to take care of the kids. When you’re a business owner, your job is to grow your business. When you’re a parent and a business owner, well…you have all the jobs. Your focus is spread out. You’re in a demanding environment. And despite all of the planning, it’s difficult to know what’s really coming your way.

I applaud those in the family planning stages that are already thinking about the changes they need to make to their business to take on both of these jobs. It’s really smart to plan and think ahead. My only word of advice is not to plan in isolation, thinking you’ll know what it will be like. There are many subtle realities to working with kids at home that will change your planning strategy. ![family]( “family_subway” =278x370)

Pre-kids, you may…

  • Think it’s a great idea to build a program that requires you to travel once per month.
  • Not worry about hiring a VA because you’ve got your schedule on lock-down.
  • Be fine with a little scope creep.

These are some of the more obvious ones, but sometimes you just don’t think of all of the angles.

Perspective is key.

Go ahead and ask your friends that have kids, get to know what this life is like from those in the middle of it. Knowing what lies ahead will help you make business decisions that will truly serve and support the lifestyle you are aiming to live.

If you’re curious, I’d be happy to chat with you about everything I’ve learned in the last year and how I’ve adjusted my business in ways I never could have foreseen pre-kids. Click here to schedule a call. I’ll look forward to chatting with you!

And happy family planning! ;)