18 summers with our children.

I was recently made aware that is all we have…

18 summers to soak up every moment we have with our littles. Running through sprinklers, catching fireflies, watching sunsets, camping under the stars, swimming, road trips, barbeques, sand castles, bike rides, roasting marshmallows, lemonade stands, bare feet, and sunshine.

The summer days are long, but the years are short. I don’t won’t to miss a second of it with them.


And I know you don’t want to either.

So, what does your summer business schedule look like?

Do you make any changes, so you can spend time enjoying the season, or do you just keep plugging away as normal?

Even if you do keep your schedule the same, I’m sure you’ve found your clients may do less work or may be slower to turn around a project.

It’s just natural for us to slow down a little in the summer time. It’s the time of year to take it a bit easier.

So, what could you do to give yourself that same break?

This is the question that I ask my pregnant moms as they prepare for maternity leave. They are about to slow down to recover and enjoy this new life they brought into the world. But really, we all need a chance to slow down, recover, and enjoy the fruits of our labor. And summer is the perfect season for it.

Here are a few suggestions to get you thinking about how you can prep your business for the summer slow down:

  • Focus on just offering your core service that’s the easiest to sell and makes you the most money for your time.
  • Do your clients tend to do less work with you at this time of year? Provide a new offering that makes sense for their business, even in this season of taking it easy.
  • Are there parts of your business that can be automated? Take a day or two and schedule all of your social media postings for the summer in advance.

Remember, you’re the boss. And if you’re like me, you built a business for yourself so you could be present with your kids.

Take in all those sticky, sunscreen-scented moments. And set up your business so it can handle a few summer pauses.

Are you ready to simplify your business for this time of year? I’d love to get to know your business and offer a few more suggestions to make your summer work for you. Click here to schedule some free time and we can review your biz together!

Now off to the sunshine. Have a fabulous summer!