Our son wasn’t sick. Daycare wasn’t closed. There was no real reason to not work today. Except for the best reason of all.

My intuition.

It told me to take today off.

And I listened.

Yesterday, Bennet cried and didn’t want to leave the house for daycare. That doesn’t happen often, but certainly on occasion and usually I don’t think anything of it. But yesterday, I took notice because it was basically an outward reflection of how I was feeling. I’ve been tired all week. The slight adjustment to longer nights and shorter days was felt more acutely for some reason. And I was feeling a little raw and in need of some TLC.

Having those feelings all week plus a toddler (minor) meltdown was enough to get me to listen and take a day off.

Back when I had a salaried, corporate job I happily and proudly took “mental health days” for myself when I needed to them. Looking back, this wasn’t such a bold move since I still got paid and no one cared.

Being in business for myself, it feels bolder. And it’s taken me years to get comfortable with it enough to truly reap the benefits of the day. (pro tip - a “mental health day” does nothing for you if you spend the day berating yourself for not working)

So today, I didn’t work. We started the morning with a cup of coffee, Bennet coloring on the porch, and taking in the crisp fall light. We read some books and baked a pumpkin bread on a whim. Ran an errand to Jiffy Lube and Costco. Put Bennet down for a nap and read on the couch before I decided to write you all this email. (is the email cheating? I’m not going to worry about it)

Because that’s the point.

Our intuition is powerful. It tells us things all the time. And when we’re wise enough to listen, it gifts us exactly what we need.

No worrying necessary.