I get a lot of questions about prepping for maternity leave. Many service-based entrepreneurs don’t think they have any options. They either answer emails from the hospital bed or they shutter their business for a few months and hope they’ll have something to come back to.

It is my mission to shout from the rooftops that there are so many more options!

So many of us choose this work lifestyle because the corporate culture just wasn’t conducive to how we wanted to raise our kids. But the one thing they do get right (sometimes…) is a paid maternity leave and having co-workers available to take on your work while you’re on leave. So where does that leave the service-based solopreneur?

A few weeks ago I was on The Live Free, Mama podcast with Micala Quinn. Micala is one of those service-based entrepreneurs who took option A with her last week (yes, she answered emails from the hospital!), this time around she has prepared her business by shifting and creating digital products.

On the podcast, we talk about how Micala has prepared her business and we also go into detail on how you can use other choices to keep your business alive while you take a much deserved maternity leave. And we explore how a business owner should choose one of these options based on where they are in their business. These options include:

  1. Hire a team.
  2. Create passive income
  3. Take a break
  4. Just keep working

Wondering which option is best for you? Head over to The Live Free, Mama podcast, available on iTunes and Spotify and give the podcast a listen!

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