The service industry is full of people pleasers. It makes sense. When we serve, we please.

So what’s the problem?

People pleasers usually don’t make very much money. Sure, there’s the obvious reason that pleasers want others to like them so they don’t charge their worth, but there’s a much bigger reason.

Premium Service Provider work is de-valued when you simply aim to please…

Imagine this scenario…

A potential client joins you for a discovery call. They tell you their problem, tell you exactly how they’d like it solved, and ask if you can do the work. It’s not exactly what you usually do, but it’s work you can do. You say yes and quote them a fee. They are outraged and say that the quote is way too high.

Has this happened to you?

If so, you’ve fallen victim to acting like a VA rather than the Premium Service Provider you are because you wanted to please and make a sale.

When a business owner has an idea of how to solve a problem and is looking for someone to implement the work, they are valuing that work at VA rates. In their mind, they’ve already outlined the strategy, why should the implementer make a premium rate?

Now you are not just an implementer. You have years of expertise in your field and you share that expertise with your clients. That’s why you command premium rates.

It’s your job on that discovery call to hold your boundaries and make that known.

This is more important than pleasing. Use your expertise and push back on the potential client’s ask. You know the result they are looking for and you know the best way to achieve that result. If that’s the work you do, show that prospect exactly how you will solve their problem and deliver the result using your strategy.

You are elevated in the eyes of the potential client. The pushback will make that prospect feel held and secure. They are with someone who really gets it.

And when you quote your rates, they will no longer balk.

It’s time to throw the people-pleasing out the window during sales conversations.

Know your worth, hold your boundaries, and guide your potential clients toward the standard set of services and strategies you employ to solve problems and deliver results.