Today starts Bennet’s last week at his current daycare. He loves it there and we love his teachers, but something wasn’t quite right about the set-up.

He was going a full day, 4 days a week. I can certainly use that time in my business, and was excited when we first started. But as he left each morning and I turned to face the full day without him, I knew this wasn’t the ideal situation.

The ideal situation.

It’s something I’m always striving for. The reason I had 4 apartments in 3 years of NYC living. The reason I left a high-paying, flexible, autonomous corporate job. The reason I built a successful, profitable consulting business and closed it to do better.

Some tell me that constantly searching for my ideal is selfish and a little delusional. These are the people that don’t believe we can have exactly what we want and need to thrive. They believe life is about being ok with less than the ideal.

I do not accept these beliefs and I don’t want you to either.

We are living in an exceptional time. A time when your ideal is possible. It may not be an obvious path. It may not be easy to find. But it’s there, waiting for you. I’ll never give up on my ideal and I hope you won’t either.

Our new childcare setup gives me 3 hours per day of dedicated work time, lunch with Bennet, allows him to nap at home (where I’ll get the rest of my day done), and gives me a co-working community I’ve been searching for.

What areas of your life could be better? Know that you do not have to settle, your ideal is out there!