If you read all the way through my email a couple weeks ago, you may have noticed that the Business Ease program was built to leverage a universal energy insight.

Now what is that all about?

I recently read Kate Northrup’s book, Do Less, and was blown away by a very obvious insight that had never occurred to me. Women operate on a 28-day cycle - ok that’s pretty obvious - and that 28-day cycle is how we should plan and develop business projects. WHAT???

I’m sure you’ve experienced those high and low days when it comes to productivity and drive to get to work. If you’re like me, you thought these were random or had to do with what you ate, how much sleep you got, or some other mysterious trigger. Turns out that it’s not so mysterious.

Our cycle (and the moon’s cycle if you’re not cycling) is naturally tied to the 4 phases of a work project - Ideation/Getting Started, Visibility, Wrapping Up, and Review.

I highly recommend checking out Kate’s book for more incredible insights. This one rang so true for me that I’ve designed the entire Business Ease program to leverage these cycles. Getting the work that’s important, but not loud, accomplished in our business is hard enough with fighting with mother nature.