It’s the week between Christmas and New Years. How are you feeling?

It always feels like a helluva time full of mixed emotions, mixed priorities, and exhaustion (from travel, over-eating, the come down from Christmas craziness…take your pick.)

I’m sitting here, on 5 hours sleep after traveling cross-country, feeling called to just get life back to normal and knowing it’s going to take a few more days. I’m not rushing it this year. I’m just going to let the holidays process and hope, by Monday, I’ll be ready to look at the business and close out the year the way I love. (It includes lots of reflection, a year end review, and a quick look forward.)

But for now, I’m sitting here at Family Village (our co-work space), enjoying a cup of coffee, and catching up with everyone on their holidays (the highs, the lows, and those cute kid stories from Christmas morning).

Simply sharing these stories seems to help everything process. It eases the transition from the holiday craze back into the normal routine and readying for the new year.

What stories do you have from this last week and last month? How have you managed holiday prep, in-laws, family, work and all that entails? What got thrown at you? Where are you today and where do you want to be by next week?

If you want to share your story, I’m here to listen. It’s amazingly restorative.

Here’s to you and this funny week we all seem to be having.