There’s something in the air this summer. It seems everyone is making some shift in their lives or searching for their next big project. I love it. I love how many people are not settling for the status quo. They realize there is so much to life, and they are willing to find it, fight for it, make it happen.

But what happens when the winds of change are uncertain?

You know change is coming, but it feels like the weathervane is spinning around in a wild circle. Which way are you supposed to go? Which path should you try? What should you take with you? And what should you leave behind?

It’s maddening when the answers don’t arrive!

So what do you do?

A common reaction is to search for answers outside of ourselves, from all the gurus. Buy the course! Sign up with the coach! Join the mastermind! These are all great options and they certainly have their place in the decision-making, direction-finding process. But there’s a critical first-step/ongoing step that many ignore or don’t give enough weight.

Before we search outside ourselves for answers, we must look within. There is so much wisdom right inside yourself. Most courses, coaches, and masterminds will probably be directing you back to this step anyway. So look within.

I’ve got 3 incredible resources for you if you’re struggling and need some support with making sense of what your insides are telling you: the first is a visualization exercise with your Inner Mentor from Tara Mohr, the second is a 7-part series on accessing Inner Mind Creativity with Jeffrey Baumgartner, and the third is journaling prompts from Becky Mollencamp (I’m even featured in her post!).

I would love to know - what else do you do to find inspiration, direction, purpose?