Wednesday night found me on a beautiful Colorado reservoir gently paddling on a standup paddle board. The water was calm, the mountains had that perfect evening glow, and I was chatting with a few very talented businesswomen.

I realized something magical was happening as we each shared updates on our businesses.

A sense of clarity, peace, and confidence came over each person as they shared what they were going through and received feedback and encouragement from the group.

  • One voiced her plan to raise her rates to industry standards giving her the time back she needs to do her work well and received resounding support and encouragement
  • One poised a challenge with the logistics of her packaged service, how to educate her audience, and where to provide the work. We brainstormed and shared our insights and she started to see a strategy to test out her various ideas.
  • Another shared how she suddenly found herself with many clients to onboard and how she’s in-process to train a manager to give her more time in her business. We sympathized with the sudden onslaught of work (always a good and bad thing!) and applauded her decision to scale up with her team.
  • And we all swapped stories about childcare, various creative options, and what we’re planning for the fall

This is age-old advice you’ve heard before but I find we all need reminding over and over…we do better together.

Breaking out of our isolation and leaning on our people makes this whole business and family thing somehow more do-able. We may know exactly what we need to do, but it’s the reframe in perspective from a friend, or a push in encouragement from a business colleague to make it all actually happen.

Have you been going it alone for too long?