How are you committing to your life and your business right now? How are you not? How does that feel?

Commitment kept coming up in topics of conversation this week. There is general consensus that it’s tough for moms of littles to commit to things. And it seems to boil down to a fear of letting others down when things go haywire and we can’t keep those commitments we’ve made.

So in general, we try to make fewer commitments. The logic? The fewer commitments made, the fewer people we are letting down.

Fewer yes.

But the most important person of all is falling into that count. YOU.

When we make fewer commitments, we stop showing up in our life. And the commitments we do make tend to be the obligations, the ones we’d rather not commit to anyways. The ones we drop? Those are the ones that fuel us, our passions, our desires, our dreams.

We don’t commit, because we fear lack of follow-through. Yet, think back to the commitments you have made. Chances are many of them had to be adjusted. Things went haywire. You juggled. You adjusted. And the world kept on spinning. In fact, you were probably awesome at making those adjustments because that’s what we do. Your skills and talents at shifting and adjusting are finely-tuned right now.

So what can you commit to that you really want right now? What can you say yes to? It might not happen or you might have to juggle a few things to make it work, but it also might work out great. Either way, you’re moving forward, you’re playing bigger, and you are making yourself as a priority.