The holidays are upon us!

If you live in the States, tomorrow is Turkey day and 4 weeks later is Christmas.

Every single year, I commit to enJOYing the holidays and releasing the stress of all the extra responsibilities the holidays bring along for the ride. Every year, I fall short. Just hearing the words, “it’s 4 weeks until Christmas”, makes my heart pump a little faster. But this year, I’m really committing to it. I’m taking a deep, full breath and slowing that heart rate right back down.

The holidays are here for joy. They are here to remind us to be grateful. To give us an occasion to gather with those we love. To provide traditions that are cozy and warm and lift our spirits during this winter season.

Anything that doesn’t fully meet the description above is now up for scrutiny. The annual cookie baking day? I’m only making the ones I love to make. Gift giving? It’s pared waaaaayyy down. Am I making the gravy this year? Nope, I’m buying that delicious concoction that Whole Foods does so well.

What does this look like for you?

Where can you drop the “shoulds” to make this the most joyful holidays of your life? What can you let go of? And most importantly, where you can capture all the joy of the result of the holidays while releasing the stress of the creation and doing process to make that result happen?

If this makes you say, “Hell Yes!”, then my wish for you is to bring this spirit along starting tomorrow and all the way through the New Year’s ball drop. Capture Joy. Release the stress and the shoulds. And do you this holiday season in whatever creative mishmash way that is best for you.

Happy Holidays!